Jack Black Finally Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Jack Black Finally Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

September 23, 2018 Off By

Our favourite funny man Jack Black has finally got himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. About time!

On Tuesday 18 September, the 49-year-old actor became the 2,645th star to be immortalised on the famous Hollywood sidewalk in front of a crowd of loved ones and loyal fans.

Jack was over the moon and gave an acceptance speech to honour the moment.

“Since I was a kid I thought, ‘Oh man, if you get one of those stars on the sidewalk, that means you’ve made it,’ and I feel like I’ve finally grasped that sweet brass ring.”

“Seriously, it’s time to pass the torch to the Uzi Verts and the Lil Peeps and the Tommy and Sammy Blacks of the world,” he told the crowds of people.

After a few cries, Jack went on to say:

“So I’m just going to do Jumanji 2, Kung Fu Panda – one more of those. Three more Tenacious D albums, and then I’m sorry but that is it. Then I retire.

“Unless something really cool comes around. Like if a Jim Jarmusch comes a-knockin’, you know I gotta party with The Much!

“But then I will go right back into retirement. Daniel Day Lewis Style.”

He ended his speech “Anyway, I love you all so much. Except for Donald Trump; he’s a piece of shit. Peace out, love you!”