British People Hide Their True Feelings ‘Up To 11 Times A Week’

British People Hide Their True Feelings ‘Up To 11 Times A Week’

September 26, 2018 Off By

A study has found that Brits will sugar-coat how we feel up to 11 times a week.

The study found that 49 per cent of Brits feel they have an ‘inner voice’ which guides them when it comes to making decisions in their life. A huge 77 per cent of those think their inner voice generally guides them in the right direction.

The study was commissioned by Sky to mark the launch of its new Sky One comedy series Sick of It. Karl Pilkington stars in the series in which his closest mate is his uncensored alter ego.

The average Brit reckons they speak their mind without thinking three times a month, with a third of those finding themselves in hot water after speaking their mind too frankly.

19 per cent feel their inner voice strains to get out after a bit of liquid courage.

Two in five are certain they have hurt someone’s feelings with their brutal honesty, and 49 per cent have had their own feelings hurt by someone else’s lack-of-filter. We can dish it out, but we just can’t take it.

Thankfully most of us have someone to vent to when we need to speak our minds.

Top Five Situations When Brits ‘Sugar-Coat’ Their Emotions
1. When someone asks you their opinion on their cooking
2. When a friend asks you your opinion on their outfit
3. When your partner asks you about their appearance
4. When your friend shows you a photo of their baby
5. When there is something wrong with your food at a restaurant