Actress Slaps Audience Member!

Actress Slaps Audience Member!

September 23, 2018 Off By

Never underestimate a mother’s love – Russian actress Evelina Bledans slapped an audience member on live TV for criticising her and her son who has down syndrome.

Evelina, 49, was taking part in ‘Live’ which is a popular chat show in Russia to discuss having a baby later in life, as she is pregnant with her third child at nearly 50 years old.

The pregnancy was achieved through IVF. The positive chat quickly turned when an audience member insulted the actress for getting IVF at her age, and then brought the actress’s son into the conversation.

Audience member Elena Lebedeva was passed a microphone and said live on air: “It is dangerous to give birth between the ages of 35 and 40 so what about 49? What were you thinking?

“Do you want to give birth to another sick child?

“Will you give birth to another child with Down’s syndrome? Nobody needs such a child, not society and not you.”

At this moment the actress stands up and calmly strolls over to the woman before giving the audience member a slap while shouting: “You wretch, I will smack you! This is for my child, understand?

“You can say anything about me, but leave my children alone!”

As Evelina walks back to the stage, the woman tries to sort herself out with a smirk on her face.