Here’s How Much The Cast Of Friends Is Worth Now

Here’s How Much The Cast Of Friends Is Worth Now

September 23, 2018 Off By

That’s right, it’s 24 years today since we got our first dose of Friends.

Even in 2018 we’re all still obsessed with the sitcom – there’s even a festivaldedicated to the beloved series.

Although Friends ended in 2004 the cast is still making a lot of money.

Individually, the stars’ net worth starts at $70 million (£53.5m), with the highest earners reaching $220m (£168.2m), as recorded by Celebrity Networth.

Let’s start with the show’s lowest valued cast member – The $70m we mentioned earlier – which would be Lisa Kudrow. Back in the day she played the quirky Phoebe and though Friends was one of her biggest roles, she’s still pretty active in Hollywood having been on such shows as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie and The Comeback.

Next up is the man who could make anyone blush with his famous line: “How you doin’?”

Matt LeBlanc’s recent stint as a Top Gear host may have been brief, but his net worth reportedly stands at $80m (£61.2m).

Matthew Perry stands firmly next to his co-star and onscreen roommate, also worth a nice $80 million.

David Schwimmer has an estimated worth of $85m (£65m) after playing the dinosaur-loving Dr Ross Geller.

Courtney Cox is up next – she comes in a comfortable $120m (£91.8m)

The winner in all of this is the fabulous Jennifer Aniston, who reigns with a $220m (£168.2m) net worth.